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MI Introduce Minor Entrant Licence

Motorsport Ireland have today introduced new sport-wide policies concerning the requirement for a Minor Entrant licence whenever the presence of a competitor aged under 18 years old is involved.


Motorsport Ireland is implementing the following to preserve the integrity of Motorsport Ireland and to comply with the “Children First Act 2015”.


This licence is required for a parent/legal guardian of any competitor who is aged under 18 years old, and/or any person who may occupy a vehicle at the same time as competitor aged under 18 years old.



A complete list of documents attached:

Minor Entrant Licence Guidelines

Your guide to understanding if this licence applies to you or your child, and how this works at sign-on for events

2024 Minor Entrant Licence Guidelines
Download PDF • 419KB


Minor Entrant Licence Form

This form can be completed by parent/legal guardian or third party to cover a competitor aged under 18 years old

2024 Minor Entrant Form
Download PDF • 2.17MB


Minor Nomination Form

This form is used at sign-on for events in the case where the entrant is not the parent/legal guardian

Minor Nomination Form
Download PDF • 137KB


Affected Rule Changes

We have compiled a list of selected rule changes which reflect the current position regarding this licence.

Download PDF • 51KB



This licence can only be applied for with a paper form. However, you can scan/photograph the pages and email it to for processing.


We understand that with rule changes, there may be some confusion, so if you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact the office and we will be happy to assist.

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